Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Dress up" Station

My daughter was very much into to her "Princess" phase as soon she turned two...and she is just the little Princess! She loves to play dress up, and I had the idea of making her a "Dress up" Station. I started to research online and found one I really love from this website 

Ms. Ana White, is self taught, and one of my idols. She is a talented carpenter, and a mom. Just like her, her creations make her home unique, and fits the needs of her family.

She is a builder, and I was starting out, so I can not make anything straight from scratch.I decided to repurpose an old bookshelf into my daughter's very own "Dress Up" station. The bookshelf I bought for 5 dollars from a couple selling old furniture on Craigslist. And when I say it is old, its OLD!

What I did? My hubby and I knocked down all the shelves, and bought plywood and a thick rod to create something like this:

 We put a thicker board to create a dividers so she can hang up her purses on one side. Painted it white, and used stencils and acrylic paint for the word "Dress up." I just love the Bird storage boxes, I got three of them for 20 dollars on sale at Joann's. (This was taken at our old condo back in California.) We also closed up the back and front of the bookshelf so she can put little knick knacks at the bottom.

Here is our Princess playing tea party.I love the way the dresses hang and she can just easily see her dresses, and pick out what she wants.

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  1. I really love this concept and design. This is such a cute dress up station for Bingy! Keep up the great work!