Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Dining Room Update

Hello and Happy Sunday almost Monday to all of you! Sorry I have been keeping up with you all here but like I have said before, keep checkin' up on me on my Facebook can do so now, by clicking here!!!

I wanted to share a quick home tour of my little dining room I have been working on! Instead of posting them individually, I did a slideshow for you all! Enjoy!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Forever Evolving Living Room

The day after Christmas I started taking everything down including my pretty tree. My husband was off for 11 days during the Holidays and I know he would just want to relax and not really do much, including taking the tree down so I took the initiative to do so and get our house ready for the New Year...if you didn't get a chance to see our tree on my it is :)
 I've had this tree for the past 4 years and at $18.00 from Walmart, I think it is holding up quite well...I love how shabby it looks...I think I will keep it for awhile...but thinking of adding a green tree for next year!
This tree was up in our second dining room but I finally took it downstairs in our living room, but like said the tree only stayed until the day after Christmas...

For the New Year, I decided to give our house a more open space...I had it similar to this when we first moved here and I have been missing it the way it was, but before I show you how it looks now, here is a before pic....

You can't see the couch very well in this picture but it actually in the center of the room which actually serves almost like a divider between the living room and the dining room!

I am still rearranging because I recently just got these two incredible farmhouse like side tables I just refinished and trying to see where they fit so I will have an updated living room blog pics for you guys when I'm done...but check these tables  out!
But here is what I have so far....

 These trunk both cost me only $30.00 at the Flea about a great deal...and the one on top even the original United Airlines tag on it! I love the star sitting on top, it is actually from Pier 1 as part of their Christmas collection, but I am using it all year long!!!
My husband has had this fireplace since we first met, it was pine color before and when we got to Minot, I decided to paint it white and give it a more shabby chic look!

What do you think of it our living room space so far??? I am definitely enjoying the open daughter gets to sing and dance freely, and our three fur babies are enjoying running around now too! 

Well, 'til next time! I am trying not to wait too long to post new blogs but if you want the latest updates and see what I've been up to, head over to my Facebook page right here !

Enjoy the weekend! xoxo

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dining Room Update

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share the update on our second dining room. Of course, it is Christmas inspired, however, the rustic and cottage feel can go all season long....

Wine Glasses were from the Dollar Store, can you believe it? I should buy  a few more for back-up! 

 The China came in a set that I bought for only $9.99. It is white with silver... I got in Gold too!
 I love this table runner my hubby picked out from Target. We went on a dinner date but we headed out to one of my fave stores, of course...he knows how to melt my heart :)
 The silver chargers I had already for awhile, but I believe i only paid 1.99 for each of them. The place mats, napkin and napkin holders were from Target also!
 The vase was one of our Wedding gifts and the branches were FREE...came straight from our backyard! 
 The short candle holders were from Hobby Lobby and the taller ones I bought from a Re-purpose/Yard Sale!!!

I just love how it all came together, I love mixing different textures and colors together! 
 From a different angle, now you can see the Zobel Hutch! It goes perfectly with my farmhouse dining room set! Our table has farmhouse benches instead of chairs...I'd have to take a pic of them, didn't realize until now that I never did :/
 I went to one of the local home decor stores here and found this arch wooden metal gate! Found this wreath at a thrift store, the bird cage I bought online...

I am not sure if you can see, but the wood mantle-like was something my husband and I built ourselves, I mentioned it in my last post...I will make sure to do another blog to show you what it looks like all finished!

Hope you all enjoyed my little dining room! Till next time! If you haven't already, please visit my Facebook page here! You can get the latest updates and my latest inspirational pics there!! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

First In-Store Sales Event

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving...whew! Went by so fast, where does the time we are already getting ready for Christmas and the New Year that follows...

My family and I have been so blessed with so many things this year...a few wrongs went right and after a few years with a dark cloud hanging over our heads, everything is falling into place...A few weeks ago an unexpected message popped in my Facebook Inbox, a new vintage store owner (Darling Stewardess) had invited me to be a guest vendor for their Black Friday Sales event! I was ecstatic! Of course, I would do it! 

I knew I would have to replenish my inventory and finish them up within just a few short weeks...honestly, with school, my full-time job, my family and just everyday things, well not to mention it was on Thanksgiving seemed so impossible! I proved myself wrong because my husband and I worked like a team, and our good friends helped us out a long the way! I have an AMAZING support team...and that's just an understatement!

Anyways, I knew I had to have my bigger pieces for that sales event, and the city of Minot doesn't offer very much selection especially when it comes to the type of furniture I like...

During my sales event, I had a few of my regular clients lined up and ready to make their purchases, I also had an opportunity to meet fans from my Facebook page that gave me sweet compliments..and some shared what they would like to see more from me! That in itself made the event a success for me! I loved the interaction I had with people who were curious about Little Shabby History!

Would I do it again even with all the craziness that comes with sales preparation? IN A HEART BEAT.
It was awkward coming home and not having to paint...but I know I just need a little break! But you never know...I may just do a small ONLINE Christmas Sales event of my own and post some pieces on my page! If you don't want to miss out on what I have in store for all you...CLICK HERE and follow me!!!

Before I end this post, I just wanted to share pictures from the sales event!
Thank you all for your continued support! I asked you all to stay with me in this incredible journey and let's see what the future holds for Little Shabby History, but no matter what happens I am glad it became a huge part of my life...XOXO






Since I am an aspiring teacher, it is only appropriate to have a chalkboard to display my name! Love having a chalk displayed too! (The fence shelf and desk are SOLD!)

Goodies that Darling Stewardess mom made!


Until Next Time!!!

PS: I have a few projects I wanted to share on a different post that will be out very soon! Here is a sneak peak! I love it when ideas pop in my head all day long and my husband gladly offers to help me out! 

Now, this is spur of the moment thing and my husband and I built it as we kinda have to when you have an idea in your head...but I just wanted a quick project to display this awesome wooden metal wall decor I found at a local store without taking too much space...Remember the wooden pallet I used to display my clock? If you can't remember READ IT HERE! Well, I decided to use it for this purpose instead! It just so happens that the pallet color was exactly the same color as the wall decor! I think this idea was even better, don't ya think??!!! Can't wait to update you all on this and see the finish product...I know, I know...why post when I'm not done? Sometimes I get overly excited when some things that went wrong finally went right :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

1970’s Ethan Allen Cannon Ball Suite/ Bedroom Reveal

Before we moved to North Dakota, we decided to replace of our old bedroom set.. I wanted something that I can refinish and be proud to put in our new home. Not to mention, we had a King Mattress with a queen headboard...and the madness just had to stop! I knew it was going to be a big task once because it will be another project before our big move…huge mistake, HUGE!! But I still went on Craigslist and posted our old set, and started looking for a new one. Sacramento Craigslist had so many bedroom set for sale…most of them were advertised SOLID WOOD! But I took my time so I can find the right one. We were able to sell our old set for almost $400!!!! And after a few days after, I found this Ethan Allen bedroom set for less than what we sold our old set for. SO HAPPY! And I knew I  had to have it!
The guy that had sold it to us had an estate sale. His wife died a year ago, and he was ready to move on. He and his wife had purchased this set back in the 70’s, he says….the mattress that came with the set, says it all….trust me! We did not want the mattress nor did he. He knocked off 50 dollars off his asking price as long as we get rid of the mattress for him. I know it is only a matter of weeks until the moving company was scheduled to come and pack our stuff, and take it to storage. My daughter and I were not allowed to accompany my hubby to ND yet, because the city of Minot flooded, and housing was scarce, on and off base. Regardless, I knew I had to finish this set before they come and take our stuff. I worked on this set diligently up until the day TMO came. This bedroom set came with a headboard, footboard, a huge dresser with mirror and two side tables…..and a very sweet card I found one of the dresser drawers… it was written by the old man addressed to his wife….it was dated 198….I kept it. So much history…makes you kinda wonder what kind of love they had….

Well without further ado, I introduce to you our Master Bedroom Set.  This set was in excellent condition. It was solid and built well. This Cannon Ball Suite was done in country white and distressed to perfection. I know there are going to be some Ethan Allen furniture lovers that would get upset about repurposing vintage furniture like this. Well everyone has their preference right? Mine just happen to be a little shabby…but what do you all think???

Nightstand, with my
50 Shades and of course,
for those asthma attacks,
my inhalers! LOL
My dresser, I love how feminine it

My daughter loved our new bedding so much, she decides to break it in first! Meet one of our dogs, Sadie...well her ears anyways!

 This is a dresser I bought from a yardsale site when we got to Minot. I've always wanted a HIS or HER dresser, and it was a perfect addition to our set!

We do not have a huge master bedroom as you can see, but I still love it! We are fortunate to live on base and got a house that is big enough for my family...and it fits all my found treasures!

Well, there are a few more things I want to add to always, it'sa  work in progress!!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Time Heals all WOOD...

Literally! Check it out!

 I have been trying to figure out how to cover some of the white space in my living room for quite some time! I found a clock that would be perfect, but I knew it was still going to make my walls look bare…I was hoping Pinterest would give me a solution to this problem, but no luck L

I have always wanted to do a project with old  pallets, there are so many ideas out there but none that really fit my needs…but first thing first, I must find a pallet, gotta find a pallet…and just my luck after asking people for some, someone gave me  a pallet for FUH-REE!!!! The palette didn’t look worn like I hoped it would, but that’s ok! A little bit of rough painting and Danish oil would cure this problem…I would hang the clock and use the pallet as a background for my lovely clock…AND VOILA!!!!!

 “Love is patient, love is kind….”

I just have to go and pick myself up some flush mounts to hang it up? What do you think of my latest project! I have a few more palettes that are different from this one…I have a few ideas in mind so stay  tuned…Hope you all had an amazing and fun weekend just like I did J Here we go Monday!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Partly Cloudy but Super Shabby Blue Dresser

Just sounded like the weather man with that title...but I think it is the right name for this 1950s dresser. Her full body with those tiny little legs makes her a statement piece.  It is very hard to find these kind of dressers these me.  You just have to know where to go to...yeah I know people....LOL.

Just in case you didn't see a before picture here ya go:

She probably could have stayed the way she was...well, I wouldn't have a hobby if I felt that way!  Besides, having a customized furniture that only YOU can have, is an added bonus!!

Just like her name, she's done up in blue and white which gives that cloudy and antique look....and of course, I gave her a quite a bit of distress to give her a little bit more character. I wanted the body to stand out, so I painted the drawers in cream, chipped a bit of the paint off and VOILA! I loved the knobs and pulls that she already had, but I spray painted them with dark bronze to tie it all together...what do you all think? Not too shabby huh?

And yes, she is for sale! Check her out in my shop or message me on my Facebook page right now!!!!

Thank you all for continuing to support Little Shabby History. It means a lot. xoxo